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Financial Planning & Wealth Management

At R&R Wealth Strategies, we, with the assistance of our Strategic Partners (UBS, Morgan Stanley, Lincoln Financial and Altium Wealth Management), assist you in developing sound planning for a secure financial future. Without realistic and specific goals, your financial future and that of your family may be in serious jeopardy. Our experienced Strategic Partners help you in assessing your current financial situation, determining your financial goals and developing and monitoring a strategic plan to attain them. Careful planning and monitoring is essential in order to preserve, grow and manage your wealth. We work with you to anticipate, define and resolve the financial issues that are important to your personal wealth.

R&R Wealth Strategies is a comprehensive wealth management firm whose primary purpose is to better serve our clients by helping them accumulate, preserve, monitor, manage and transfer their wealth. Our strategic, personal, financial management approach is geared to your individual goals and objectives.

Financial planning and wealth management is a lifelong process marked by complex decisions, choices and risks. Our advisors, including our Strategic Partners, combine their experience as financial planners, estate planners, investment advisors, tax professionals and insurance consultants to help you understand what needs to be accomplished to realize your goals and minimize your risks.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated and proactive approach to wealth management, providing individuals and families with the highest level of expertise, confidentiality and personal service. We can assist you with the following:

Determining Financial Goals and Objectives

Developing Integrated Wealth Management Strategies

Personal Financial Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

Investment Planning and Monitoring

Interface with Investment Advisors

Retirement Planning

Eldercare Services

Education Funding

Tax Planning and Minimization Strategies

Personal Bill Paying

Assisting in Arranging Various Types of Financing

Family Office Services

Risk Management & Insurance Advisory Services

Trust & Estate Planning Services

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